Bamboo Dry Brush

Bamboo Dry Brush

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Bamboo Dry Brush with vegan sisal bristles

This Bamboo Dry Brush with Sisal Bristles is naturally 100% compostable as well as non toxic.

As the name suggests, a dry brush does not require water to remove/ scrub off dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Use in a circular motion across body surface to improve circulation, remove dead skin, and open pores to release toxins. 

Being a completely natural product, the color and grains of each brush may slightly vary. 

13" in length
3.25" in width
1.5" in height

Clean the brush on a regular basis by doing the following:

1. Fill a bowl with water
2. Add 3 drops of tea tree oil
3. Place your brush into the water, move around and let it sit in the solution for 5 minutes
4. Lift your brush and let it air dry on a dry towel



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